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As mentioned earlier, I was super lazy in 2014. Have not been doing much and I tell myself I would not want to stay that way.

Instructor N is unable to do any private classes for next term as she is preparing for her competition *sobs*, and I am quite lost about my time table next term. Initially, I have decided to take her classes for next term, but sadly, she’s only teaching higher levels, and the only class that I’m qualified to take is on Friday!! Friday, oh my god. I just can’t bring myself to go down to the studio to pole on a Friday. I will probably do some drop-ins as and when I can.

Kinda glad the studio decided to conduct some lunch time classes so I can free up my after work hours for some yoga classes! I’ve decided to take S.A.X (Sexy and X-Factor)- a new class by J, hot hot instructor. I used to take her dance class a long time ago and god I missed her dance classes! Once I found out it’s gonna be a super hot and sexy class, I signed up immediately!

I’ve also signed up for baby lyrical because of the lovely song that they are gonna use for next term. I love lyrical on pole and whenever I see the girls doing lyrical stretchy stuff on pole, I inspire to be like one of them. I know that will need a lot of stretching and discipline, which I must TRY my best to do so… oh well.. we’ll see.

I’ve plucked up the courage to sign up for Intro to Prep. The studio I went to has changed their syllabus and they have added more difficult tricks into Prep Advance routine. I’ve decided to take it slow and try out Intro To Prep first and see how it goes before I jump the wagon and sign up for Prep Advance. Hopefully I’ll be able to survive the class next term.

3 classes next term. And I’m thinking if I should retake Beginners Exotic. I tried this term, and it’s not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of arching, head rolls and twisting of body, and it is not easy to make it look pretty. However, signing up for 4 classes is quite expensive, especially now that the studio is charging GST (Goods and Service Tax) which is a whopping 7%!

Damn, hobbies are really freaking expensive. šŸ˜¦