Take One Step At A Time, No Need To Rush


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I’ve been juggling my workout time between pole and yoga. Being a very indecisive and fickle person, I can’t decide which I like more at the moment. After my yoga practice, I will feel I like yoga more, and after my pole lesson, I will feel I like pole more. Well, you get what I mean.

I feel that I have improved quite a lot yoga wise. Master S in my yoga studio is one of the most popular teachers and his classes are always full. I love going to his class as he always corrects the postures of the students or push you to another level. Just by going to 2 of his yoga stretch class, I manage to do a full left leg front split and almost accomplished my right leg split as well! 😀

Last few days, THE Kino MacGregor is here in Singapore! Having inspired from all her facebook and instagram posts, I’ve decided to sign up with pixiepoles for her 3 days, 6 classes workshop. There are around 100 over students in the workshop and boy are they flexible! Kino shared with us her life experiences and she is really good at explaining the methods and techniques into getting into the postures. Looking at her getting into the postures inspired me a lot, yet, I felt kinda dejected that I had no strength, no flexibility, no endurance to do some of the simple stuff like jumping through or hold the postures for a longer time. But I told myself: Hey! I’m a newbie in yoga with only 6 months’ of training for F’s sake! (That includes Dec 2013 which I was so lazy to go for any classes). I still have a long way to go and practice! Anyway Yoga is all about self discovery, self improvement and your own training journey. I will just be humble, continue to practice and go for classes and take baby steps to improve 🙂 Sooner or later, I will get there. If I get dejected, I will never ever get there.

I’ve also decided to kinda change my yoga schedules. I went for 3 back to back classes one day – 1 hot class, 1 normal class, and 1 stretch class. Though it’s quite well spread out, I have the mentality of not giving my all in all the classes as I would want to preserve my energy for the next class. Either I prepare mentally give my all for the class, or just simply go for lesser classes so that I can gain more.

Hopefully by the change of this attitude I will progress further in my practice and achieve greater heights!

Kino’s Workshop Photos

Man.. when can I ever do that?

Man.. when can I ever do that?


"Once you get there, look up"

“Once you get there, look up”


Kino demonstrating some moves

Kino demonstrating some moves

A picture with Kino and her autograph! She's so pretty!

A picture with Kino and her autograph! She’s so pretty!


Term 2 Just Flew By!


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Term 2 is coming to an end, and I’m having writer’s block.

I think I have been taking way too many classes this term and have no time to practice at all. That is not good. In the end I kept revising the tricks I have learnt during the lessons and can’t see myself improving much. Moreover, I’m getting addicted to yoga and been going for yoga classes during my free time instead of going for pole practice. No good.

Things I have learnt so far:

  1. DVD cover
  2. Static V
  3. Handstands
  4. Maxi

I must say I still can’t execute the tricks smoothly at the moment. I have signed up for Prep Advance and Intro to Prep next term to brush up, and it’s by Instructor N!

I am revisiting the tricks I have learnt in inter 3 too so that I will not lose touch with it. My fave elbow stand is not as smooth now, and I have lost my candy. That’s not good.

Time for fix a time every week for pole practice… starting next week!!

My not so perfect DVD cover. Still need to work on it

My not so perfect DVD cover. Still need to work on it



Lights, Camera, Action AGAIN!


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After completing my Aerial Hoop class in Groove a year ago, I’ve stopped playing with hoop. So far I’ve tried 3 kinds of apparatus – hoop, silk and pole. And admittedly, I still like Aerial Hoop the best. Maybe it’s because it’s my very first apparatus I’ve tried, and maybe I felt more confident in it.

So, THE famous Justin Tran is in town for pole photo shoot. At 1st I was quite reluctant to book any slots as I have no more tricks to shoot for pole. But when I found out we can take aerial hoop or silk pictures, I signed up without hesitation! Besides being a cam whore, I think I should take pictures with my favourite tool and I have yet have any professionally taken pics with hoop yet! Pixie signed up for pole shoot, and I’d decided to sign up with her! And our another pole sister, Sandy, signed up the last minute for hoop shoot as well!

I’d decided to wear what I wore during the aerial competition last year instead of buying new costumes just because I like the costume we wore, and also to save money since I only wore them once. Heehee.

Despite being famous and all, Justin makes us feel at ease during the shoot. Every shot was fast, which makes it easy for us as we need not pose too long to get the shot done. He is so patient, and gave us advise on the angles, spent time adjusting the lightings so that every shot will come out perfect. He makes me look so professional and pretty even though I’m only an amateur. His fast editing skills impresses me the most! We get to see sneak peaks of our shots within 3 days in facebook and we got our high res pictures within 2 weeks even though he had 4 other photo shoot sessions after us!

I really hope I will be able to get another chance to have another photo shoot session with him. This time, I will hope to get some pole shots taken. Meanwhile, I will be a good girl and practice hard. 😛

Thanks to this photo shoot, I’ve decided to take up aerial hoop again!!

Pic of me before the shoot!

Pic of me before the shoot!

THE Justin Tran!

THE Justin Tran!

With Zhenna, blog I've been following. So nice to know her!

With Zhenna, a blogger whose blog I’ve been following. So nice to know her!

With my fellow Pole Freaks!!

With my fellow Pole Freaks!!

Group shot with THE MAN after our shoot

Group shot with THE MAN after our shoot

And so, here are the final product. It comes with 3 different style of editing (soft, tone and black & white). What can I say? I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!










Term 2 Already?!?!?!


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As mentioned earlier, I was super lazy in 2014. Have not been doing much and I tell myself I would not want to stay that way.

Instructor N is unable to do any private classes for next term as she is preparing for her competition *sobs*, and I am quite lost about my time table next term. Initially, I have decided to take her classes for next term, but sadly, she’s only teaching higher levels, and the only class that I’m qualified to take is on Friday!! Friday, oh my god. I just can’t bring myself to go down to the studio to pole on a Friday. I will probably do some drop-ins as and when I can.

Kinda glad the studio decided to conduct some lunch time classes so I can free up my after work hours for some yoga classes! I’ve decided to take S.A.X (Sexy and X-Factor)- a new class by J, hot hot instructor. I used to take her dance class a long time ago and god I missed her dance classes! Once I found out it’s gonna be a super hot and sexy class, I signed up immediately!

I’ve also signed up for baby lyrical because of the lovely song that they are gonna use for next term. I love lyrical on pole and whenever I see the girls doing lyrical stretchy stuff on pole, I inspire to be like one of them. I know that will need a lot of stretching and discipline, which I must TRY my best to do so… oh well.. we’ll see.

I’ve plucked up the courage to sign up for Intro to Prep. The studio I went to has changed their syllabus and they have added more difficult tricks into Prep Advance routine. I’ve decided to take it slow and try out Intro To Prep first and see how it goes before I jump the wagon and sign up for Prep Advance. Hopefully I’ll be able to survive the class next term.

3 classes next term. And I’m thinking if I should retake Beginners Exotic. I tried this term, and it’s not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of arching, head rolls and twisting of body, and it is not easy to make it look pretty. However, signing up for 4 classes is quite expensive, especially now that the studio is charging GST (Goods and Service Tax) which is a whopping 7%!

Damn, hobbies are really freaking expensive. 😦

Slacker Alert!


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It’s the start of 2014 and I’ve been slacking my ass off. Work is too hectic for me to make time to lunch time pole practices and I only signed up for 1 pole class and 1 exotic class this term.

I have signed up for Aerial Silk and a new class called Pole Silk this term, but pole time has been getting lesser and lesser. It’s not helping that I’m getting more and more afraid to do drops on silk, and I always try to find excuse to skip my turn during lessons. In the end, I have no choice but to try each drop once, when all my classmates attempted the drops at least 4-5 times. 😦

On top of that, Instructor N and I were trying so hard to find time for private lessons and it was not easy given all the festive seasons in the beginning of the year.

Now that Chinese New Year is coming to an end, I have no more excuses to slack on my work out. I shall try my best to get my ass moving on my work out schedules, and that includes aerial silk, pole and yoga.





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I declare 2013 as the year of POLE-GRESSION. I’m a new addict to pole. I joined beginners, intermediate 1, and intermediate 2 classes by missing almost 50% of the lessons. Partly due to my business trips, partly just because I don’t feel like going. Then I got addicted.


Pole buddies are very important. They motivate you, support you, spot you, FORCE you to go for classes when you are feeling lazy. They make me get addicted to pole, start going for pole practices during lunch hours – one thing I will never do in the past. We start to motivate one another, share how the tricks will be like, try to coordinate our time table for classes and practices, and of course our pole goals. It’s wonderful to have pole buddies and I thank you both for making me addicted to this wonderful sport.

Pole Buddies in IPC 2013

Pole Buddies in IPC 2013


After I got addicted to pole, I started blogging, wanting to keep track of my pole-gress. There I get to know this group of bloggers all over the world from Pole Dance Bloggers Association – a group of pole addicts like me, who are willing to share anything and everything about our love for the sport. I can just spend my nights after work reading blogs after blogs, watching videos after videos, dreaming that one day I will just dance like them. Thank you for keeping me inspired.

Bloggers meet up when Valentina is in town

photo(2) photo(26)


After setting up the blog, I’ve decided that I need evidences to track the tricks I’ve accomplished. When the studio I went advertised that they would be hiring a photographer and we could sign up for the photoshoot, I jumped at the offer and went for it. I’m so glad that I did it. Even though the photos took longer than expected to be printed, I think it’s all worth it once I got hold of the pictures. 😀



Nope, I’ve never went for any, and I mean ANY workshops before. When International Pole Competition was held in Singapore this year, and they had workshops by all the pole celebrities, I’d decided to sign up with Pixie. Not knowing who to sign up for, and not very familiar with how everything is going to be like, I just followed whatever she signed up. At least I will get a pole buddy during the workshop.

At that moment, I was thinking am I being too ambitious? Being new in pole, I’m not sure how the standards of the workshops will be like. I was expecting I will spend most of time sitting there, staring at the instructors in awe, and get their pictures or signatures at the end of the workshop just to make my money worth. I was wrong. The workshops were so fun!! I had the best time EVER!! Even though I couldn’t do some of the moves, I was glad that at least I tried instead of giving up during the workshop. And most importantly, I was STARSTRUCK!!!

5 workshops, 5 different kinds of style. Whenever the instructors were demonstrating I have my mouth wide open, eyes wide open, and thought to myself “When am I going to that?”. I guess I was kinda obvious, that even Marlo was laughing at me after she saw my expression after she demonstrated a trick.

There is so much to learn in this sport, and it inspired me to make a pole trip next year. I have no idea where I want to go, when I want to go, but I know I have to it. I have to go and travel to different countries to check out other pole studios and learn from the instructors overseas.


Sexy Amber Ray!

Sexy Amber Ray!

Best Instructor 2013 - Marlo Fisken!

Best Instructor 2013 – Marlo Fisken!

Beautiful Shimmy!! I look soooo starstruck..

Beautiful Shimmy!! I look soooo starstruck..

Funny and Flexible Marion Crampe!!

Funny and Flexible Marion Crampe!!

Strong and Dedicated Oona Kivela!!!

Strong and Dedicated Oona Kivela!!!

I have her signature!! I have her signature!!

I have her signature!! I have her signature!!


Just yesterday, Instructor N passed my assessment for Intermediate 3!! I am going to be a Prep Advance student starting next year!! I know it is a big step from Intermediate 3 to Prep Advance, and I am going to take it slowly and make sure I will not feel demoralized. I intend to stay a year in Prep Advance to brush up my tricks from the past, and also to train new tricks before I take on the combos and routines required in Prep. Next term I will be taking Techniques 2 class to brush up my Intermediate 3 tricks (see CANDY), and to learn Prep tricks. No Prep class for me yet before I think I am ready for it. 🙂

I am glad I get addicted to this wonderful sport in 2013, and I am definitely looking forward to more pole-gression I will be making in 2014. I am going to start making my pole ambitions for 2014, and will try my best to achieve it!!

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Candy Got Sugar Crushed!!!


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Last week I had my ups and downs but overall, it was SUPER fulfilling for me! International Pole Convention was held here in Singapore and being a new pole addict, I was star struck and admire all the tricks performed by the contestants in awe. But I’ll talk about that later after I’ve compiled all my thoughts and pictures.

I had my wisdom tooth extracted last Monday, and was down from doing any form of exercise for 5 days. I thought it would be as relaxed as what I had experienced last year, but this time round the extraction was much more difficult and I cancelled all my yoga classes :(. I missed my intermediate 3 class and was unable to do any make up as I was packed during the weekend due to the IPC workshops that I’ve signed up. So I requested for a 1 to 1 private class with Instructor N.

So last Saturday before I attend the workshops, I went for Instructor N’s private class. I arrived 15 minutes early as I know Instructor N hates people being late, and she was already in the studio warming up! She asked me to warm up myself, so that we can start doing tricks at 10am so that we will not waste time. I started doing 5 to 6 elbow stands and was sweating and panting like a dog after that. And when I looked at the clock, it was 10:15am!

Instructor N taught me the whole routine for Intermediate 3, and things I need to take note. As usual, my spin climb to upside down V was bad, and she spent some time giving my pointers on how to work on it. Then she spent the last 10 minutes teaching me my nemesis – CANDY. Nope, I still couldn’t do it then, but I took note of the hand placement and things to look out for to execute the trick.

Sunday while I was taking Oona’s workshop, she was teaching an unachievable trick that requires shoulder mount or candy (princess grip). So I’ve decided to give it a try on the 45mm pole, which is way thicker than what we use in Bobbi’s. To my surprise, I did it. Just like that! I tried a few more times, and I couldn’t believe it! Pixie was so happy for me too!

And so, today I’ve decided to try during class. Instructor N taught us baby candy on the floor, and I can go up without using my foot the grab the pole. When we tried the actual thing, I did it. TWICE! I am so elated and had the motivation to go for pole practice tomorrow despite my aching body and bruised arms and legs. Simply MOTIVATED!! Hopefully I will not lose it tomorrow or when I get back from Japan.

All I can say is… SUGAR CRUSH!!!!

Hibernating In Progress


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I’ve been slacking ever since I came back from my short 3D2N trip to Bangkok. I just can’t get my ass moving to classes. I tried to sign up for yoga, but ended up cancelling the classes that I intend to go. That’s not good. Damn, wonder what will I become after my 8 days Tokyo trip. It’s been one week since I came back from Bangkok and I have not gone to a single yoga class.

To make things worse, I caught the flu. Flu medicine are the worst when you want to get things done as it makes you super drowsy. I try to take the non drowsy ones but it was of no use – it makes me high.

After my trip from Bangkok I signed up for a private session with Instructor C. I know I have to get my ass moving even though I’m too lazy to go for yoga. And I’m glad I did. She taught me some conditioning exercises and pointed out some of the tricks that I need to work on. And so, I did up a list of things I should work on during pole practice.

Signed up for 3 yoga sessions today. Yes. THREE. Shall rest my body now and make it work hard later!

You Spin Me Round Round


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Different strokes for different folks. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to pole.

I’m totally a “legs” person. I love to hold on to the pole with my legs, and I feel comfortable and a sense of security when my legs are wrapping around the pole, even when I’m inverting. However, due to my weak core and arms, I suck at any tricks that require only my hands on the pole. That explains why it takes me such a long time to go into my upside down V and I’m still struggling with my Candy invert. This is also the reason why I suck at spins.

Spins are tricks that they teach in beginners. Back then, I was totally not addicted to pole, and I missed more than 50% of the lessons. No excuses, I just have weak arms and core. However, spins look very pretty during the transitions or in the beginning of a choreography, and I know I have to master it before I progress further.  I wanted to take beginners to learn all the spins, but instructor J told me I might get bored, and suggested for me to take Techniques 1 class instead where it will incorporate all the spins, and how to make the tricks we learn in Intermediate 1 and 2 look pretty. So this term, I signed up for Intermediate 3 on Monday, Techniques 1 and Baby Lyrical on Sunday.

I love this term’s Intermediate 3 song especially I’m a heavy metal fan. Nothing Else Matters is my favourite Metallica song, so I rushed to sign up and hopefully Instructor N will “force” my candy up. I was not shocked to realise the introduction of the routine are mostly spins, which I kinda guessed from the guitar solo. Was actually quite proud of myself to be able to execute the spins without letting go of my hands.

Then, there was yesterday….

Attended make up class for Techniques 1 and Baby Lyrical. I knew Techniques 1 is about spins, which I’m prepared for it. Instructor J declared that she will be very particular about lines and pointed feet since it’s a Techniques class. She taught us some spin combos which is challenging and fun. I fell in love with her Techniques class immediately.

Baby lyrical… this is the killer! Last term’s Baby Lyrical only had 1 spin combo, and I was able to execute it after some time. In the beginning of the class, instructor V told us this term’s Baby Lyrical will have a lot of tricks that require using our hands instead of holding the pole with our legs. Damn.. I looked down at my blistered hands and shook my head. To make things worse, the 1st spin combo is a sun wheel to a Vanessa. Of course I struggled… big time.

But when I look back, it’s good that this term is all about spins. I wanted to train my spins this term anyway, and Penelope has been praying to the pole goddess to go easy on her this term, and she’s a “hands” person. This is only the 1st week, and hopefully by the end of the term, I will be able to execute the spins beautifully 😀

In the meantime, shall try to master the damn sun wheel spin.

…. And Then It Came Back


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This term is my 1st time that I performed in Performance week.

I performed an item in pole grooves and baby lyrical and I must say I’m actually enjoying myself! At 1st had some jitters – it’s still a performance after all and so many strangers are actually watching you – but I got over it after the 1st few 8s. Thanks to my previous hip hop and aerial hoop performances, I guess.

I’ve decided to work out a more disciplined schedule next term. This term I have been conscientiously going for classes and taking private lessons but didn’t really have a actual plan on what I want to learn. On top of that, I’ve also decided to take flat abs yoga at least once a week in the yoga studio to build my core. Since I intend to go for yoga lessons at least twice a week, I shall allocate one session for core and the other for flexibility.
As for private lessons, the classes that I’m going to take with Pixie will be learning some of the prep tricks which she would like to learn. As for my own private sessions with Hot Mama C, I will try to conquer my inter 3 tricks and brush up in prettify my lines, and maybe some new tricks as well.

2 days ago I had my private lesson with C and was trying so hard to nail my elbow stand which I lost it. C asked me to work on my core, which is something I’m very weak at, so that I can nail my candy and make my upside down V pretty. She gave me lots of pointers on how to train my elbow stand, so I was telling myself every pole prac that I go to, I will attempt elbow stands and warm up by doing spin climb to upside down V. And I did. Today was the 1st time I did my elbow stand without any assistance and anyone spotting me! Yay! It may not look pretty, but hell! I nailed it! I shall make it look pretty the next time I practice before I take a video. Hee. 😀

Next task: DAMN YOU CANDY!! I still have no idea how people can do it so easily