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I’ve been juggling my workout time between pole and yoga. Being a very indecisive and fickle person, I can’t decide which I like more at the moment. After my yoga practice, I will feel I like yoga more, and after my pole lesson, I will feel I like pole more. Well, you get what I mean.

I feel that I have improved quite a lot yoga wise. Master S in my yoga studio is one of the most popular teachers and his classes are always full. I love going to his class as he always corrects the postures of the students or push you to another level. Just by going to 2 of his yoga stretch class, I manage to do a full left leg front split and almost accomplished my right leg split as well! 😀

Last few days, THE Kino MacGregor is here in Singapore! Having inspired from all her facebook and instagram posts, I’ve decided to sign up with pixiepoles for her 3 days, 6 classes workshop. There are around 100 over students in the workshop and boy are they flexible! Kino shared with us her life experiences and she is really good at explaining the methods and techniques into getting into the postures. Looking at her getting into the postures inspired me a lot, yet, I felt kinda dejected that I had no strength, no flexibility, no endurance to do some of the simple stuff like jumping through or hold the postures for a longer time. But I told myself: Hey! I’m a newbie in yoga with only 6 months’ of training for F’s sake! (That includes Dec 2013 which I was so lazy to go for any classes). I still have a long way to go and practice! Anyway Yoga is all about self discovery, self improvement and your own training journey. I will just be humble, continue to practice and go for classes and take baby steps to improve 🙂 Sooner or later, I will get there. If I get dejected, I will never ever get there.

I’ve also decided to kinda change my yoga schedules. I went for 3 back to back classes one day – 1 hot class, 1 normal class, and 1 stretch class. Though it’s quite well spread out, I have the mentality of not giving my all in all the classes as I would want to preserve my energy for the next class. Either I prepare mentally give my all for the class, or just simply go for lesser classes so that I can gain more.

Hopefully by the change of this attitude I will progress further in my practice and achieve greater heights!

Kino’s Workshop Photos

Man.. when can I ever do that?

Man.. when can I ever do that?


"Once you get there, look up"

“Once you get there, look up”


Kino demonstrating some moves

Kino demonstrating some moves

A picture with Kino and her autograph! She's so pretty!

A picture with Kino and her autograph! She’s so pretty!