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It’s the start of 2014 and I’ve been slacking my ass off. Work is too hectic for me to make time to lunch time pole practices and I only signed up for 1 pole class and 1 exotic class this term.

I have signed up for Aerial Silk and a new class called Pole Silk this term, but pole time has been getting lesser and lesser. It’s not helping that I’m getting more and more afraid to do drops on silk, and I always try to find excuse to skip my turn during lessons. In the end, I have no choice but to try each drop once, when all my classmates attempted the drops at least 4-5 times. 😦

On top of that, Instructor N and I were trying so hard to find time for private lessons and it was not easy given all the festive seasons in the beginning of the year.

Now that Chinese New Year is coming to an end, I have no more excuses to slack on my work out. I shall try my best to get my ass moving on my work out schedules, and that includes aerial silk, pole and yoga.