Lost It, AGAIN!


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Damn.. I lost my elbow stand again..

I got elbow stand during my very 1st try and I was so happy about it (proud of myself, of course). But my elbow stand comes and goes. This term, I tried taking private for Inter 3 routine with instructor C, thinking that the routine will definitely be easier than last term’s Rockstar. Little did I expect them to change the “dancy” part to an elbow stand to banana peel combo, and there I lost it again.

In the past, even though I was able to do my elbow stand, I wasn’t able to execute it beautifully by dragging my feet on the floor before lifting them up. Instead, I was walking towards the pole step by step before I’m comfortable to lift them up. But now, I’m not even able to lift them up at all πŸ˜₯

Hate it when you thought you master a trick, and you lost it just like that, in 1 snap!

So 2 things that I need to try and execute by next term!

  1. Execute elbow stand – confidently and beautifully
  2. CANDY! Damn you candy! I must try and work out my arm strength to conquer you!

I have also re-signed up Techniques 1 next term, so that I can work on my spins and my intermediate 1 and 2 tricks and execute them beautifully. Especially my spins, which I suck at it cause my right hand kept slipping off.

So things I need to prettify by next term!

  1. Spins and spins combos
  2. Spin climb to upside down V, which I still look like a pig crawling up the pole

*Feeling determined*!!


Breathe In… Ohhmmm…..


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My first yoga experience was when I was in my university days cause’ my mum made me do it. She went for her yoga class in some community centre and claimed it was very good. So I’ve decided to sign up for a yoga class in a community centre near my house. During my very first lesson, the instructor asked us to lie down with our palms on our stomach, and start breathing… and moments later, I fell asleep. That’s it for me. No more yoga.

When I just started work, I tried hot yoga after some persuasion by my ex-colleague, since the studio is near our office. During my first hot yoga class, I ran out of the class within 20 minutes as I felt like I was about to faint – I have low blood pressure. After that, I tried to go 10 minutes earlier before the class start to get my body accustomed to the heat. But I got lazy after I completed my package of 4 lessons, and I stopped hot yoga.

Now that I’m addicted to pole and aerial, I realize that I seem to be bulking up, which is definitely not what I want. My pole mates told me yoga will not only train flexibility, it will make you lose weight as well. So, I started to google trial promotions for yoga and found Sadhana Sanctuary. After signing up the promo with Pixie, we realised one of our pole instructors is going to teach there as well! Yeah!!

The studio has lessons from early in the morning till around 9.30pm everyday, and they have wide range of yoga for us to try and choose from. So far I have went for 5 lessons, and I am totally loving it! Best part, they have shower facilities which allow you to shower after a hot yoga class and nothing beats showering with their nice, fragrant shampoo and shower gel :). You see, I’m quite a lazy gal and will not stretch at home even though I keep telling myself I have to. (I tried a 30-day ab challenge in September and stopped in day 6). This shows how much discipline I have. So I need to sign up for classes to kinda force myself to go for classes. And so I did. I have signed up for a 2 year package with them

So now, I will probably be blogging about my yoga addictions as well, and hopefully I can see my flexibility (and weight) improve. πŸ™‚

In the meantime, repeat after me *breathe in* OHHHMMMMM……

Lights, Camera…. Stay!


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Had my first ever photoshoot last weekend. We were grouped into groups of 4, and each group was given an hour. The girls would rotate to pose and have their photos taken.

Technically speaking, each girl only had 15 minutes of pole time, but it was the most tiring 15 minutes since I’ve started pole! Penelope and I are so glad that we asked Instructor C to help us with the poses during our private lesson with her, and took photos then. Pixie also made me go to Thursday’s pole practice and gave me advise on my poses. πŸ˜€ It really saved a lot of time and effort as we kinda know how we want to be photographed, which angle, and most importantly which tricks we have decided to pose. Pixie who had her pictures taken the previous round told us to stay on the pole, let some one move us to the angle we want before we do the poses. All these made our lives easier (slightly) during the photoshoot.

All the time I kept reminding myself I need to point my toes, shoulders down, relax my hands, suck in my bigass beer tummy. All in all, it’s quite fun, and I will definitely do it again, probably next year to “mark” my pole-gress!

Here are 4/5 shots that Penelope helped me take with my phone. Can’t wait for the photos (photoshopped!!) to be out! πŸ˜€

Left Leg Hang

Half Split

Right Leg Variation


Pretti-fy… Arch! Point! Shoulders Down!


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Bobbi’s Pole Studio has organized a photo taking session for students with a professional photographer. Being a cam whore, I’ve decided to persuade Penelope to sign up together.

Given that we spend at least 3 hours a week in the studio, I feel we should at least have something nice to keep as souvenir, apart from the funny practice videos and pictures we take during practice sessions. I told Penelope it’s actually even better that we start taking now, and we can take pictures with more difficult tricks as we progress πŸ™‚ So, we’ve decided to engage Instructor Hot Mama C to correct our poses and prettify them!

Routines are tiring, but holding the poses for at least 3 minutes is even worse! We tried simple stuff like spin climb pose, layback, lay out and our muscles got worn out super fast! Not forgetting we have to always keep in mind to arch our backs, point our feet, and the most difficult thing of all (at least to me), to keep our shoulders down.

Instructor C was very patient in going through the tricks, hand placement, leg placement, where you should be looking and suddenly we were so overwhelmed. She even gave us tips on what we should wear, how our hair should look – tied up, or let your hair down – for different tricks. She asked us to find a costume to represent us our our pole persona (which I still have no idea what’s mine, and something for me to think about it). We gained so much in 1 hour!!!

After the poses, we were both so shagged out that we can’t do the routine for Inter 3. We shall go for pole practice on Monday to practice our poses in order to look the best we can for the shoot next Sunday! πŸ™‚

Some of the sneak peaks πŸ™‚

Spin climb Right Leg layout layback Cupid Front Cupid Back

Must-haves As A New Poler


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After reading all the blogs written by other polers all over the world connected by Pole Dancing Bloggers Association, I’ve decided to contribute my two cents worth on September’s Blog Hop – Beauty, Body and Wellness.

Let’s just go straight to the point on my must-haves as a new poler- inside out. Let’s start from the inside!

1) I dare say menstration is a hassle to all women out there. We have to deal with PMS, pimple break outs, grandma panties. We have to make sure we do not stain our clothes, rush to the toilet as and when to make sure as well. So how do I manage to pole during those bloody days? During not-so-heavy-flow days, and with no back to back classes, tampon’s my choice. However, during heavy flow days, or with back to back classes, i will prefer pads and my grandma panties – it gives me a sense of security.

2) I was wakeboarding every week before I started dance. So brazilian waxing and IPL is not a stranger to me. I have been doing IPL since 5 years ago, and I swore by it. I need not worry about things sprouting out when I’m wearing my bikini or pole shorts, and I can comfortably do my tricks and imperfect splits. πŸ™‚ Also, with our “oohh-hoos” in contact with the pole everytime we dance, we would want to be considerate and keep it clean too, right?

3) Enough about that, now let’s go on to hands and legs. As hair = NOT SEXY, I shave my legs once a week. For underarms, I signed up a package for IPL underarm as well.

I’m sure everyone agrees with me when I say pole makes our hands rough, and to make matters worse, moisturizers are not our good friend. I try not to apply hand lotion if I have pole the next day, especially when I have sweaty palms.








In days when I have no pole the next day, I try to apply hand lotion at least twice a day. Just have to TRY to keep our hands smooth for my love to hold my hands. Haha!Β Also, with such a cute hand lotion, how not to apply it when I can?









4) Not wanting my classmates to smell anything weird when I do my head rolls or head flicks, and due to personal hygiene, I wash and condition my hair everyday. Due to constant coloring of hair, I have to apply serum to my hair everyday before I blow dry.

photo(11)This is currently the serum that I’m using. Bought this from my stylist. I just love the coconut smell in my hair, and it lasts through the day!








5) To prevent myself from slipping down the pole, I apply shaving gel on my skin during lessons. It works great on me! I can stick to the pole like a lizard! I choose this shaving gel coz firstly, it’s for women, and secondly it smells great! It was after I bought it that one of my pole mates told me shaving gel actually sticks better than shaving cream. So yay me!

Also, I have wet tissue wipes in my bag to wipe my feet and my heels after class. πŸ™‚










6) Now, what if I’m going out after my sweaty pole work out? I would not want my friends or whoever I’m going out with to shun away from me.

photo(12)I bought this in Taiwan and was introduced by my friend. This spray is FABULOUS! It gets rid of practically all kinds of smell on your fabric! When I first tried it, I sprayed it on my after clubbbing clothes when I was in Taiwan and all the strong cigarette smell was GONE! I tried it on my work clothes after work from food court and the food smell was gone as well. I ended up stocking up 10 bottles of them and I will buy at least 5 bottles everytime I go Taiwan on business trip. I swore by this product and I spray on my clothes after my workout if I’m going out after that.




This anti-perspirant apparently lasts for 24 hours. It leaves a cold chilly sensation in the underarm area when you spray it. I bought the lemongrass flavor simply coz I love the smell. πŸ™‚






So, these are my must-haves when I go for my pole lessons πŸ™‚

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I Go Performance Week… Rehearsal


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Bobbi’s Pole Studio conducts performance week on week 8 each term for students to showcase the routines they learn. In my opinion, not only can the students try their routines and flaunt what they have learnt for the past 7 weeks, but also able to train them in stage presence.

To me, week 8 each term is rest week. I was never addicted to pole till this term, and I’m proud to say Pole Grooves this term is the only class I’ve attended the full 7 lessons ever since I joined the studio! *beam with pride*

As mentioned in my previous post, this term we had a doubles routine and Penelope and I are totally in love with it. We decided to go for the rehearsal before the performance just to do the routine one last time. πŸ˜€

To my surprise, there were so many girls in the studio who actually came for the rehearsal. I heard some even come everyday to practice their favourite routine! Performance week is really an eye opener. I get to see what to expect if I were to try other levels or classes like lyrical, advanced pole grooves, slap and prep advanced. Instructors also performed one of the routines for next term, and they performed next term’s pole groove’s routine! So looking forward to it!

Nope, we did not perform in the end. We just stayed back and watched the performance and see the girls do their thang.










Today we decided to go for pole practice during lunch time. Sad to say, we didn’t do much and I lost my elbow stand. Wonder what has gone wrong with it. 😦

We have decided to request for Instructor C to teach us Inter 3 routine during our private lessons starting next week onwards! Yay!! Penelope told me she learn her pretty spins from C. Hopefully she’s able to help me with my hopeless spins. *cross fingers*

One of the things we achieved in today’s pole practice

Our 1st pole picture together!

Our 1st pole picture together!

My 1st Salto Drop!!!


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Finally!! I’ve decided to let go… of my hand!

This is my 1st attempt to try this drop, and boy, it’s scary!! Maybe I need to try the drop a few more times to overcome the fear.

When I look at the video, there are several things I will need to take note next time, like not to overturn when dropping down (which I think it’s beyond my control since gravity is doing all the work), pointing my toes while doing while doing the preparation work.. etc. But HELL! I just did the drop and I’m just glad I’m still in one piece. Haha!

We did a bird pose, or I call it the superman on silk pose. Next week will be doing more drops! Hopefully I will look prettier in my Salto drop next week! πŸ˜€

Bird 1 photo(6)

Good Bye Violin


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I’m a girl who loves to learn lots of things, hence the title of my blog. However, my addictions come and go very fast, but I’m trying my best to persist on.

I’m very glad that I’ve completed my Aerial Hoop course in Groove, and I know there are still more to learn as I realised their course structure comprise of more basic tricks. I will take up Aerial Hoop again… when I have the time.

The problem with having too much hobbies is you are unable to find time, and you can’t learn in depth. Here’s my weekly schedule for the past 2 months

  • Monday: Monday Blues
  • Tuesday: Violin lesson
  • Wednesday: Pole grooves
  • Thursday: Flexibility class + Aerial silk
  • Friday & Saturday: Liver training + volunteer with the dogs
  • Sunday: Intermediate 3 + Techniques 1

I love doing all. But I realised all my hobbies need time to practice to perfect them, and I have been going for classes religiously (ok.. quite) but I don’t feel any sense of satisfaction or improvement. Thus my decision to drop one of them – Violin.

I’ve started violin as an impulse. I just woke up one day, and told myself – I think I want to learn violin. I played the organ when I was 4, and was in the band as a flutist when I was 8 till 16. I would want to try a string instrument.

It wasn’t easy. String instruments are totally different from what I have learned in the past, and I’m glad that I have progressed from making sounds that can collapse a building to playing something decent. Having no time to practice (and sometimes due to laziness), makes me bored, and everyone knows you need to practice and practice and practice to improve.

Today I’ve made the decision to stop my violin lessons to make time for more dance classes or work out classes, which I think I will very much want to see myself improve in it. I will not want to give up on dance and I’m sure by spending more time on it and with practice and more importantly, passion, I will improve myself in pole, silk and hoop! πŸ˜€

Good bye my rented violin. I’ll miss you.

I Feel Good.. Ta Dah Ta Dah Ta Dah Ta!!


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Yesterday’s private lesson with instructor T is FANTASTIC!!! Different students will have liking for different instructor’s teachings, and T’s teachings works very well for me. In my opinion, she explains the steps to the tricks very clearly, and she will also share with us what are the problems she encounter when she first started doing the trick, and how she overcomes it, so that it will be faster for us to get it.

Things I’ve accomplished in just one day!!

  1. Spin climb to upside down V without struggling up!
  2. Elbow stand! I’m able to push my legs up and down safely with no crash landings
  3. Right leg hang. Still need to work on the placement of the right leg, but overall, able to do the trick!
  4. Inter 3 routine: Spin climb – upside down v – left leg hang – half split – half star – venus!
  5. Pole grooves routine: Spin climb – aerial venessa – candy hands venessa – spin climb!

Woohooo!! I felt so good yesterday. However, I’m still not able to get my Candy trick. My pole buddy, being the stronger one, is able to get Candy in just one try! I’m really impressed by her strength. We were saying I will try hard to work on my strength tricks like Candy, while she will work hard on her fear tricks like hand stands and elbow stands.

T has taught me some conditioning exercises that I can do to train for Candy. I will try to work out during pole practice next week.

Am definitely going to miss her class as she’ll be away for 2 months! 😦

In the evening went to flexibility class with Instructor V. I looovvveeee her flex classes. It’s really 1 hour worth of stretching exercises and I can actually feel I’m more flexible now and I give credit to the flex classes.

Without the promotion next term, I don’t know if I should sign up for flex class next term. The only time slot I can make it will be on Sunday 1pm, and my pole buddy said it is quite duh to make myself go all the way down for the flex class. She suggested that I buy a DVD and stretch at home instead. I’m just wondering if I have the discipline to do so… hhmmm.. OK. I shall think about it…

Wild Wild West!


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Pole Grooves is so fun! Sometimes we are so hard up in perfecting our tricks and trying to master those difficult tricks that we forget the initial reason why are want to learn pole (at least to me) – to have fun!

This term we have Wild Wild West routine, which is a partner dance. This makes it even more fun, especially since it’s my first partner dance. My pole buddy and I laughed so much that we have our abs trained in the class. This class, like the name, is to teach you how to GROOVE! The tricks are not as difficult as other classes, and there are more dance and floorwork involved. The songs are catchy and the choreography is amazing!

We have signed up for next term’s pole grooves class as well. I’m sure we will have more fun next term with 2 more routines! πŸ˜€

Here’s the same routine I found in YouTube!