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Last week I had my ups and downs but overall, it was SUPER fulfilling for me! International Pole Convention was held here in Singapore and being a new pole addict, I was star struck and admire all the tricks performed by the contestants in awe. But I’ll talk about that later after I’ve compiled all my thoughts and pictures.

I had my wisdom tooth extracted last Monday, and was down from doing any form of exercise for 5 days. I thought it would be as relaxed as what I had experienced last year, but this time round the extraction was much more difficult and I cancelled all my yoga classes :(. I missed my intermediate 3 class and was unable to do any make up as I was packed during the weekend due to the IPC workshops that I’ve signed up. So I requested for a 1 to 1 private class with Instructor N.

So last Saturday before I attend the workshops, I went for Instructor N’s private class. I arrived 15 minutes early as I know Instructor N hates people being late, and she was already in the studio warming up! She asked me to warm up myself, so that we can start doing tricks at 10am so that we will not waste time. I started doing 5 to 6 elbow stands and was sweating and panting like a dog after that. And when I looked at the clock, it was 10:15am!

Instructor N taught me the whole routine for Intermediate 3, and things I need to take note. As usual, my spin climb to upside down V was bad, and she spent some time giving my pointers on how to work on it. Then she spent the last 10 minutes teaching me my nemesis – CANDY. Nope, I still couldn’t do it then, but I took note of the hand placement and things to look out for to execute the trick.

Sunday while I was taking Oona’s workshop, she was teaching an unachievable trick that requires shoulder mount or candy (princess grip). So I’ve decided to give it a try on the 45mm pole, which is way thicker than what we use in Bobbi’s. To my surprise, I did it. Just like that! I tried a few more times, and I couldn’t believe it! Pixie was so happy for me too!

And so, today I’ve decided to try during class. Instructor N taught us baby candy on the floor, and I can go up without using my foot the grab the pole. When we tried the actual thing, I did it. TWICE! I am so elated and had the motivation to go for pole practice tomorrow despite my aching body and bruised arms and legs. Simply MOTIVATED!! Hopefully I will not lose it tomorrow or when I get back from Japan.

All I can say is… SUGAR CRUSH!!!!