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I’ve been slacking ever since I came back from my short 3D2N trip to Bangkok. I just can’t get my ass moving to classes. I tried to sign up for yoga, but ended up cancelling the classes that I intend to go. That’s not good. Damn, wonder what will I become after my 8 days Tokyo trip. It’s been one week since I came back from Bangkok and I have not gone to a single yoga class.

To make things worse, I caught the flu. Flu medicine are the worst when you want to get things done as it makes you super drowsy. I try to take the non drowsy ones but it was of no use – it makes me high.

After my trip from Bangkok I signed up for a private session with Instructor C. I know I have to get my ass moving even though I’m too lazy to go for yoga. And I’m glad I did. She taught me some conditioning exercises and pointed out some of the tricks that I need to work on. And so, I did up a list of things I should work on during pole practice.

Signed up for 3 yoga sessions today. Yes. THREE. Shall rest my body now and make it work hard later!