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Different strokes for different folks. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to pole.

I’m totally a “legs” person. I love to hold on to the pole with my legs, and I feel comfortable and a sense of security when my legs are wrapping around the pole, even when I’m inverting. However, due to my weak core and arms, I suck at any tricks that require only my hands on the pole. That explains why it takes me such a long time to go into my upside down V and I’m still struggling with my Candy invert. This is also the reason why I suck at spins.

Spins are tricks that they teach in beginners. Back then, I was totally not addicted to pole, and I missed more than 50% of the lessons. No excuses, I just have weak arms and core. However, spins look very pretty during the transitions or in the beginning of a choreography, and I know I have to master it before I progress further.  I wanted to take beginners to learn all the spins, but instructor J told me I might get bored, and suggested for me to take Techniques 1 class instead where it will incorporate all the spins, and how to make the tricks we learn in Intermediate 1 and 2 look pretty. So this term, I signed up for Intermediate 3 on Monday, Techniques 1 and Baby Lyrical on Sunday.

I love this term’s Intermediate 3 song especially I’m a heavy metal fan. Nothing Else Matters is my favourite Metallica song, so I rushed to sign up and hopefully Instructor N will “force” my candy up. I was not shocked to realise the introduction of the routine are mostly spins, which I kinda guessed from the guitar solo. Was actually quite proud of myself to be able to execute the spins without letting go of my hands.

Then, there was yesterday….

Attended make up class for Techniques 1 and Baby Lyrical. I knew Techniques 1 is about spins, which I’m prepared for it. Instructor J declared that she will be very particular about lines and pointed feet since it’s a Techniques class. She taught us some spin combos which is challenging and fun. I fell in love with her Techniques class immediately.

Baby lyrical… this is the killer! Last term’s Baby Lyrical only had 1 spin combo, and I was able to execute it after some time. In the beginning of the class, instructor V told us this term’s Baby Lyrical will have a lot of tricks that require using our hands instead of holding the pole with our legs. Damn.. I looked down at my blistered hands and shook my head. To make things worse, the 1st spin combo is a sun wheel to a Vanessa. Of course I struggled… big time.

But when I look back, it’s good that this term is all about spins. I wanted to train my spins this term anyway, and Penelope has been praying to the pole goddess to go easy on her this term, and she’s a “hands” person. This is only the 1st week, and hopefully by the end of the term, I will be able to execute the spins beautifully 😀

In the meantime, shall try to master the damn sun wheel spin.