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This term is my 1st time that I performed in Performance week.

I performed an item in pole grooves and baby lyrical and I must say I’m actually enjoying myself! At 1st had some jitters – it’s still a performance after all and so many strangers are actually watching you – but I got over it after the 1st few 8s. Thanks to my previous hip hop and aerial hoop performances, I guess.

I’ve decided to work out a more disciplined schedule next term. This term I have been conscientiously going for classes and taking private lessons but didn’t really have a actual plan on what I want to learn. On top of that, I’ve also decided to take flat abs yoga at least once a week in the yoga studio to build my core. Since I intend to go for yoga lessons at least twice a week, I shall allocate one session for core and the other for flexibility.
As for private lessons, the classes that I’m going to take with Pixie will be learning some of the prep tricks which she would like to learn. As for my own private sessions with Hot Mama C, I will try to conquer my inter 3 tricks and brush up in prettify my lines, and maybe some new tricks as well.

2 days ago I had my private lesson with C and was trying so hard to nail my elbow stand which I lost it. C asked me to work on my core, which is something I’m very weak at, so that I can nail my candy and make my upside down V pretty. She gave me lots of pointers on how to train my elbow stand, so I was telling myself every pole prac that I go to, I will attempt elbow stands and warm up by doing spin climb to upside down V. And I did. Today was the 1st time I did my elbow stand without any assistance and anyone spotting me! Yay! It may not look pretty, but hell! I nailed it! I shall make it look pretty the next time I practice before I take a video. Hee. 😀

Next task: DAMN YOU CANDY!! I still have no idea how people can do it so easily