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Damn.. I lost my elbow stand again..

I got elbow stand during my very 1st try and I was so happy about it (proud of myself, of course). But my elbow stand comes and goes. This term, I tried taking private for Inter 3 routine with instructor C, thinking that the routine will definitely be easier than last term’s Rockstar. Little did I expect them to change the “dancy” part to an elbow stand to banana peel combo, and there I lost it again.

In the past, even though I was able to do my elbow stand, I wasn’t able to execute it beautifully by dragging my feet on the floor before lifting them up. Instead, I was walking towards the pole step by step before I’m comfortable to lift them up. But now, I’m not even able to lift them up at all 😥

Hate it when you thought you master a trick, and you lost it just like that, in 1 snap!

So 2 things that I need to try and execute by next term!

  1. Execute elbow stand – confidently and beautifully
  2. CANDY! Damn you candy! I must try and work out my arm strength to conquer you!

I have also re-signed up Techniques 1 next term, so that I can work on my spins and my intermediate 1 and 2 tricks and execute them beautifully. Especially my spins, which I suck at it cause my right hand kept slipping off.

So things I need to prettify by next term!

  1. Spins and spins combos
  2. Spin climb to upside down V, which I still look like a pig crawling up the pole

*Feeling determined*!!